The Deputy

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Unemployment, privatization, mafia clans, workers strikes – problems that were on the table of Dragoljub Stevanovic, the young Deputy of Vranje´s mayor. On his first working day when he was elected 11 months ago, he had to face with more than 1000 strikers under his office window. Today, he thinks …

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The voice of investigators

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We met with journalists from independent magazine Vranjske and talked about all the topics we worked on previous week. In many points they gave us interesting informations. One of our best ideas was to chat with them, because they were unique witnesses and storytellers for the last 20 years.

Mafia pyromaniacs

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  We are meeting with Bojan again, he is showing us his theatre, or better: what´s left of it. In 2012. members of local mafia clan burned down the night club that was situated next to the more than 120 years old theatre building. Flame from the bar caused by …

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Unknown future

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Denis got graduated at IT University two years ago. Now he can´t find a job although this field in Serbia is in lack of experts. Difficulties in finding a job are typical for Serbian high-educated youth. In addition he is Roma, who even has more problems to get employment. He …

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The Goodfather

In the Office of Vladimir Zaharijev

„Next one!“ – the mayor of Bosilegrad Vladimir Zaharijev lay back in his chair. An old man entered. They are shaking hands. “What can I do for you?”, the mayor asked. The guest is explaining the situation. He needs to go to the doctors at Sofia Military-Medical Academy hospital because …

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